Engineering Managed Services

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Engineering Managed Services

Engineering Managed Services

Human capital continues being one of the most complicated investments for most employers. Employers are not able to accurately predict the return on investment made in assembling and managing staff that deliver their services. The industry is still suffering from using qualifications as a benchmark for the recruitment of the right staff. While qualifications matter, they are not enough to ensure return on investment on employees. The cost of living continues growing, meaning salary adjustments must be made upwards, yet sales margins continue shrinking, driven by such factors as competition, technology and customer demands.

Organizations are therefore more pressed than ever before to look at ways of cutting down their payroll, deliver quality services and still increase shareholder value. Engineering Managed Service is our solution to lessen your burden from payroll hence make your business more sustainable and profitable.

Through our expertly assembled and equipped resources, processes and engagement model, we ensure that you only pay for the output that matters to your business.

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Why Work With Us

1. High Value to the client- the client's main concern is the outcome of a project and does not incur the worry of how long the project is going to take.

2. Reduced Risk- Government regulations, technologies, market demand, financial conditions change at a rapid rate. Managed Service helps the client manage these types of risks that may come up with some of these changes.

3. Cost-Effective- Engineering managed service cuts the costs associated with managing the team internally and other extra expenses that may arise during the normal business operations.

4. Access to highly skilled and experienced resources-with our specialization in engineering filed, our resources are well equipped with the current technological advancement and therefore guaranteeing you high skilled team and quality delivery.

5. Efficient utilization of resources- we provide you with the resources for the project at hand ensuring maximum use of resources.

6. Business continuity-Our resources will be engaged on a project base request thus helping you to stay focused on your business needs by reducing the burden that comes with managing teams.

Area of specialisation

We offer fully managed service in the following areas.

  • 1. HVAC maintenance.
  • 2. Occupational Safety and Health.
  • 3. Energy Management.
  • 4. Project Management.
  • 5. Industrial Automation.
  • 6. Machine Maintenance.
  • 7. Engineering Design.
  • 8. Network Operation center.
  • 9. Data analysis.
  • 10. Software Development.
  • 11. Cyber Security | IT System Audit Solutions.
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