Repair Of Matrix Packaging Machine

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Repair Of Matrix Packaging Machine

repair of matrix packaging machine

Tropikal Brands is a Kenyan leading manufacturer of household, personal care, food and baby products and distributor of quality multinational brands, which has been in the market for more than 20 years.

They also offer marketing and supply chain management including creative brand management to multinational companies looking to set up in Africa.

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Business Situation

Tropikal uses different packaging machines for their various products, one of them is the Matrix packaging machine, a form fill seal packaging equipment suitable for both liquid and non-liquid applications that produces a precise and dependable seal, when packaging their products.

The Matrix packaging machine had been idle for a long time due to a faulty controller. After contacting various technicians, they were unable to solve the issue. They ended up causing a lot of interference in the control system of the machine. The machine was not operational for some time. The client needed the machine revived to boost production and meet the company’s demand. The cause of the failure had not been determined yet. They therefore urgently required the help of an expertise who would permanently resolve the issue to help them improve the speed of packaging and in turn increase efficiency and productivity.


Upon proper diagnosis from our team, we were able to re-design, program and install controls for the machine as well as recommission it. Our team succeeded in reviving the machine and also almost double its capacity from 3000 cans per 8 hour shift to around 5000 over the same period. Some of the tasks performed on the machine included; Controller design and simulation, controller installation, on-machine test and debugging, machine calibration and timing scheduling, drive circuits wiring, pneumatics circuits wiring and testing, final machine testing, in-production running and performance testing, operator training and final production testing.


  • Cost savings due to hiring technicians who do not resolve issues
  • Efficiency, service delivery, overall business performance and productivity improve
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