Human capital continues being one of the most complicated investments for most employers. Employers are not able to accurately predict the return on investment made in assembling and managing staff that deliver their services. The industry is still suffering from using qualifications as a benchmark for recruitment of the right staff. While qualifications matter, they are not enough to ensure return on investment on employees. The cost of life continues growing, meaning salary adjustments must be made upwards, yet sales margins continue shrinking, driven by such factors as competition, technology and customer demands.

Electrical Engineers At Schneider

We recognize labor as the most indispensable factor of production, given that it has an input in all the rest. Our Resourcing Service provides not only the most competent and experienced Human Resources with urgency but also addresses the inputs into having the right resources for the market. Our objective is to alleviate the burden and complexities of recruitment, resource management and development from the employer, while at the same time ensuring high staff productivity. Our engineering managed service guarantees you a lean workforce hence savings on the payroll.

Viscar Industrial Capacity resourcing

Our Services.

  • i.Engineering Managed Services.
  • Pay for output (P4O) is our solution to lessen your burden from payroll hence make your business more sustainable and profitable.

    Through our expertly assembled and equipped human resources, processes and engagement model we ensure that you get a full managed service in engineering tasks, projects and services.

    Our specialization are following areas:-

    • Industrial/Process Automation.
    • HVAC Systems.
    • Machine operation and equipment maintenance.
    • Network Operation Centre.
    • Data Analysis.
    • Engineering Design.
    • Rigging.
    • Occupation Safety and Health.
    • Quality Assurance.
    • Software development.
    • Energy management.
    • Project Management.
    *Stop paying people and pay for an output*
  • ii.Recruitment.
  • a)One off Recruitment

    Viscar offers recruitment on a one off basis to the client which includes advertising the job, shortlisting, selecting the best candidates, interviewing and submitting the qualified candidates to the client for the final decision.


    Viscar offers outstaffing to organizations who requires staff to work internally or on specific projects.

    *Why spend too much time on the recruitment process yet you can get ready skillful personnel?*

Why Choose Us.

  • Cost effective due to shared resources and transfer of some costs.
  • Access to highly skilled and experienced resources.
  • Efficient utilization of resources.
  • Quality delivery due to specialization and experience gathered from different clients.
  • Access to best practices emanating from our supplementary services.
  • Business continuity as client not susceptible to employee movement.
Viscar Industrial Capacity Resourcing

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