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Electronic Troubleshooting

Electronic Troubleshooting

This course aims to impart participants with fast, accurate and excellent fault finding skills/tips for industrial electronics/components. This involves electronic component identification, testing and troubleshooting to enable technicians and maintenance personnel to be able to perform maintenance, troubleshooting/fault finding tasks successfully.


Target group:

 This program is suitable for maintenance personnel, technicians, control and instrumentation personnel.


Course outline:

Electronic component identification, testing and troubleshooting of the following components: Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Transistors, Transformers, Relays, Sensors etc.


Fault electronic cards(Motherboards) diagnosis, testing and repair practicals.


Field device installation, commissioning, programming/calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance e.g. sensors and actuators.


Circuit building such as power supply, Motor speed control and temperature control circuits. .


Diagnosis, repair and testing of  electronic machines e.g. VFDs/VSDs, HMI, power supply, inverters, electronic welding machines etc.




Fast troubleshooting skills to reduce downtimes and costs related to maintenance.


Increase productivity and reduce dependency on external service providers.


Enhanced availability and reliability of equipment.  



Prior knowledge of basic electrical and electronics.


Duration: 5 Days


From:29thAugust -2nd September 2022


Price : KSH 75,000 Exclusive 16% VAT

Venue: Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited