Programmable Logic Controllers Training

Course Overview

This PLC course introduces industrial motion control systems in regard to their design architecture, hardware components, parameterization and programming. This training course focuses on the concept of hardware and software together with practical hands-on introduction to uses, hardware configuration, uploading / down loading program and fault finding.

All topics are addressed through practical illustrated exercises on training rigs using Siemens PLC S7-300, Rockwell Automation and Mitsubishi.


7th- 11th May 2018



Viscar Knowledge Room.


Ksh 50,000 exclusive of VAT

Course Objective

The target group for this course is directed at Maintenance personnel and users of SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers.


Participants of this course:

1. Understand and develop program structures.

2. Commission PLC programs with logic associations and sequences.

3. Make changes and additions to programs developed by others.

4. Create, read outs and change hardware configurations

5. Finding errors in complex programs quickly and efficiently.


PLC Siemens 1Basic constituents of PLC- Signal modules, CPU, Power Supply, mounting rail and MMC.

• Overview of SIMATIC S7 Family.

• Introduction and positioning of PLC portfolio: S7-300, S7-400, S7-1500, ET200S CPU

• Creating a project and integration with SIMATIC Manager

• Hardware details of S7-300 PLC including front indications, terminals and ports on the module.

• Installation guidelines Installation, powering and wiring of modules with information on addressing

• Hardware Configuration and setting object Properties of Modules.

• PLC addressing concept.

• Programming language and representation in STL, FBD and LAD.

• STEP 7 Instructions: AND, OR, AND-before-OR, OR-before-AND, NO / NC contacts, Edge detection instructions, Set / Reset, Elementary data

• Type, Load / Transfer, Comparison, Timer, basic math instructions.

• Using Symbol Table and VAT.

• STEP 7 blocks and structured programming

• Using Data Blocks, Function Code, Function Block & Organization Blocks.

• Analog signal processing.

• Project archiving / retrieving.

• Using Reference Data i.e. Program Structure, Cross Reference List etc.

• System and functional fault diagnostics using facilities available in STEP7.

• Using facilities like Force and Rewiring.

• Networking

• Fault diagnostics.\

• Graphic display creation.

• Introduction of TIA Portal V13

• Programming of S7-300 using STEP 7 V13


The course begins with a pre-test to gauge the participants. The introduction to PLC’s covers components of the Hardware, relationship between relays and PLC’s, Types of PLC’s, Communication protocols, setting object properties of modules, merits and demerits of Controllers, creation and integration with SIMATIC Manager, Using facilities like force and rewire. Last but not least conduct maintenance and diagnosis.

The training is directed at users and maintenance personnel. It further focuses on the hardware and software together with practical hands-on introduction to use, hardware configuration, uploading / down loading program and troubleshooting.

All topics are illustrated through practical exercises on training simulator using the PLC.


Introduction and positioning of PLC portfolio will be done using SIEMENS S7-300

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